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Okay so I hit 1,000 followers today and that’s pretty cool yeah
And i said I’d do a giveaway so here it is cool fellas
However I’m gonna warn you it doesn’t end for awhile cause I need the moolah
also I need to finish up some old horns sorry :[ 

Okay so here is what you’ll win

Either a choice of two horns smaller than tavros 
tavros horns
(nothing bigger than tavros sorry for time/shipping reasons)

A choice of one pair of horns, smaller than tavros. (Gamzee, Eridan, Sollux, etc.) 

A choice of one pair of horns, smaller than Gamzee. (Kanaya, Eridan, Sollux….)

1. You have to be following me. I know I know that’s kind of a dumb rule but this is an appreciation for these people that stick with me. I don’t see the problem though I promise I only reblog homestuck hoohoo
2. You have to live in the U.S. UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR SHIPPING? That’s also a butt of a policy but I don’t have a lot of money for international shipping
3. NO SIDE BLOGS. That’s dumb and annoying you all know that
4. Keep your ask open. I will send you a message. If you don’t reply within 24 hours I will send you one more. If you don’t reply after another 24 hours, the giveaway will be given up to a new winner.
5. Reblogs and likes count, reblog to your hearts content idgaf

The giveaway ends April 12th at 9 pm

Get ready to get horny

Edit: Reached 2,000 followers! As I said I’m adding a third place! That gives you more of a chance to win, wee!
Edit 2: Added more pictures c:

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